2016 has been a tough year.  People and governments all over the world are looking to our country – many in disbelief, some in horror, and some in glee.  And those diverse reactions are mirrored by our own citizens.

As I drive around the Capital District in New York and in Illinois (suburban St. Louis) last week, I am interested to see what I perceive to be FAR FEWER Christmas decorations adorning homes.  It makes me feel that perhaps many are feeling as uneasy as I.

I procrastinated creating my 2017 calendar, which is my standard gift to family.  Finally, I selected twelve photographs – pieces I’d added to my fine art website since last year’s calendar.  Several from my spring trip to California, a couple older ones, a personal of Ed enjoying our new deck, two of my amateur attempts at painting after attending several Paint & Sips (no, these are NOT offered for sale – perish the thought!), and December’s from my recent trip to New York City with a friend from The Netherlands who was an exchange student twenty years ago.

I realized my calendar needed a cover.  I struggled with something appropriate to bring in the new year, and decided I’d simply update last year’s.

No creativity left for cards, and I am stuck with a distinct lack of holiday spirit.   As well as a lack of time, since it’s already mid-December.  Of course I want to reach out and touch my friends and family – but I’m not going to fake being all holly-jolly.

I am sharing here – with friends and any others who wander onto my blog – my sincerest and deepest desire for 2017:  (I wish I could have figured out a way to make the text sharper)

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