Who I am

Bud Break

Hi!  Glad you found your way here.  

My blog is for talking about photography.   After 20 years, my equine video/photography business, As You Like It Productions, has closed.  I’m focusing on fine art photography now – Carol Lynn Coronios Fine Art Photography.  As you’ll see, my work is pretty eclectic – from horses to abandoned buildings to natural oddities – and my work appeals to those who prefer that photographs look more like photographs than modern art.
(I’d still be delighted to talk with you about a private shoot for you and your horse(s).)

My blog is for talking about wine.   In the summer of 2014 (with a voucher from Fine Art America), I discovered Naked Wines.  (ask me for a $100 voucher)  What an experience!  I get to invest – 100% secure – in entrepreneurs who create superb wine – some JUST FOR ME (and the other Angels investors).  I’m trying varietals I’d never heard of,  expanding my comfort zone, and meeting amazing people!  All while sipping great wine.  What could be better?

My blog is for talking about things that interest, perplex, or ‘wonder’ me.   Back in 7th grade, I had the great fortune to meet my “To Sir, with Love” teacher – John Ayrassian, in Canton, NY.  This incredible man taught – demanded – that we 12-13 year olds THINK, for ourselves.  Didn’t want to know what our parents thought or what the nun said.  I don’t know that he realized the high bar he set for all (my) future teachers – or for me, as a teacher.  Fifty years later, we were still in touch – until he succumbed to his long struggle with Parkinson’s.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you!

e-mail:  carol@ayliprod.com